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Saber For Sale Sabwars

Saber is a type of sword that was depicted in sciencfiction movies universe. Its blade is made of laser power and can both burn and cut. It is also referred to as a laser sword and it was used by the galactic warriors. Saber consists of a plasma blade that is powered by a kyber crystal that was taken by a normal metal hit and you can shut it off if desired. These weapons needed training and skill to use and were really improved when they were used together with the Force. Lightsabres were mostly used for both defence and offence.

Use of Saber;

A Saber could cut through almost everything from the human body to sturdy doors. The only method to prevent the attack of Saber was the weapon that was crafted with a material that conducted energy, for example another saber, electro staff, some atypical metals or a Z6 riot control baton. A force-sensitive could repel blaster bolts with a saber when it was used for defence. It could even return the shots back to the attacker if used skilfully. Most fighters used single-bladed sabers, however some practitioners used double or multiple bladed sabers at once.

As shown in movies, a saber could burn, cut and melt most surfaces with some of the force. It could be deflected by energy shields or other sabers. Its blade was also used for welding metals. Active sabers provide a distinguishing bustle, which increases in volume and pitch as the blade is moved swiftly in the air. A loud crackling sound is produced when the blade comes in contact with another lightsabre’s blade.

In the movie, it is shown that a saber has a glowing blade of approximately 1.2 meters long. They contain a large amount of energy and are able to cut large amounts of metal really fast. It means that these sabers must hold a compact and powerful energy supply. These blades can cut the flesh easily. Two sabers cannot pass through and have different colours of sparkling blades.

Features of saber;

sabers has made a great impact on our society and it is obvious that a large number of people want to make a saber for them. They also want to train themselves just as people in sabwars. For this purpose many professionals have tried to use technology and make a saber that will make people satisfied.

sabers are made with the help of a professional team. It is really notable that users are very important in participating in the betterment of these products. We always respect the proposals and opinions of the customers to make the saber enhanced. It is our aim to create a powerful and most realistic saber to entertain fans.

Our sabers have these features mentioned below

  • It has a motion sensor to improve the sound in motion.
  • It comes with USB to charge it quickly.
  • It has 10 different colours of laser and you can adjust them according to your choice.
  • It also includes Flash clash with sound when using saber.
  • It has a stainless steel handle that makes it really appealing.

How to use a saber

  • You can press the button lightly to start the saber and press for 4 seconds to turn the saber off.
  • You can press and hold the button for 1 second and then release, you can press the second time to activate the fighting mode and you can exit the mode by pressing the third time.
  • When you power on the saber, you can press and hold the volume button for 3 seconds then release, press another time quickly and hold the button. It will scroll the 3 volume levels and you can release the button to get your desired volume.
  • Turn off the saber to adjust sound effects. Press for 1 second, press again quickly and hold the button. You will observe different modes and you can release the button at your preferred mode.
  • You can also enable or disable the silent mode by turning off the saber and pressing the button for 3 seconds to enable/disable the silent mode.
  • When you select the light and sound modes, sabers will identify your choices. After turning the saber on and off again, the previous selected mode will become the default mode.
  • You can also choose laser colours by pressing the button for 2 seconds and releasing it. Press the button again and hold, it will show 11 colours and you have to release the button at your desired one.

You can get these sabers in excellent quality from our site with quality features and inspire others with your love for sabwars. You can also ask our experts if you find any difficulty using these sabers.

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