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Why SABNEO sabers Are The Only Ones You Need

As the universe of science fiction movies continues to grow, so do the family of fans that gained so much from this amazing universe. As a team of fans, first and foremost, we wanted to add something that we hold close to our hearts. At SABNEO, we definitely know that the Force is with us. With our V7 RGB and V8 Pixel sabers, you’ll have the Force on your side and can help us bring balance to the Universe. We’re all fans here which is why we put so much work into producing the only sabers you’ll ever need and some of the best quality ones around today. Well, unless you found a real one, then we understand and would like details. Galactic Federation anyone?

We were saber fans before we even sat down and began chopping away at making these quality sabers. We understand that just like us, you have been dreaming about holding your very own saber. A saber that looks and feels like a real one. Not one of those tiny plastic ones that you find at a toy store. But we also believe in accessibility and want other fans to be able to enjoy our sabers.

When we worked on developing the V7 RGB and V8 Pixel sabers, our main goal was to make high-quality collector's items that were battle resistant. We spent some time to create realistic renderings. We even allow our warriors to prepare their own handles as a tradition! Made with stainless steel moulding that has several adjustable functions, you’ll really feel like you’re holding a saber.



What good is a saber during battle without sound? Our SABNEO sabers are designed to keep the sound in sync with your movements. You can also choose, which sound your saber will make along with the color and how the handle is decorated. We make sure that our customers have a range of designs to choose from when deciding on what color their handle can be. We want you to be able to truly make your saber as realistic and personalized so that you feel as if you’re a part of the universe.

Our V7 RGB and V8 Pixel sabers are also easily rechargeable with a USB charger that only takes 2 hours to fully charge. After being fully charged, they will last for up to 5 hours in battle, so you better close in on the Dark Side. The sabers' handles also have a memory function to keep track of your settings. You’ll always be ready to defend what is right and work from a place of truth over fear! Like a true galaxy warrior.

We collaborated with a competent team of engineers and designers to present some of the most realistic sabers on the market. We wanted to give our customers the feeling of becoming a part of this cinematic Universe that we love so much. We paid respect to canon with the design of our V7 RGB and V8 Pixel sabers and know that they will give other fans a great deal of joy and entertainment!

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